Martin van de Velde

Martin van der Velde is an excellent Dutch psychic healer. Outstanding in his profession.
His many talents were given him by birth as a natural karmic effect of the positive results and wisdom he achieved in former lives. His talents and knowledge are heavily routed in the ancient yogi psychology. A yogi who brought the wisdom of yogi philosophy to America in the early 20th century contacted Martin van der Velde from the spiritual world in 1981. Ever since this yogi is Martins spiritual guide.

Martin does not read past lives or performs fortune telling. He reads your challenges accurately in a clear language from your aura and chakra’s. He will explain in a clear language were your present problems come from, to overcome these problems and how to transform these into talents that will help you move up in the world.

The psychic tools Martin uses are clairvoyance, telepathy and clairfeeling. They help him to go straight to the heart of the matter. The outcomes give insight in what is going on in your mental and emotional system and how to use these insights to create a better situation for yourself. To support this process Martin also performs pranic healing. This will fill up your batteries miraculously and that will give you the energy and the power to overcome your problems/blockades and to conquer what is yours.

In some cases he also works with dualistic sub personalities. These dualistic sub personalities often appear to be nasty energy drains. Martin’s method is focused on bringing these opponents harmoniously together and he teaches them how to cooperate. As a result, the energy that was drained before, can now be used for constructive goals.

Transforming negative and destructive astral influences is a part of Martin’s work.

Negativism is always in need of LOVE and LIGHT and these are the most important ingredients of Martin’s healing. Without “love, light, insight and willpower” no healing can be successful. The essence of most of our emotional problems is that we do not love and accept ourselves as we are. When we learn to love and accept ourselves unconditionally and create the willpower to improve ourselves and help others: we are healed.

To train your willpower in loving and trusting yourself, Martin might give you an exercise to do at home. This exercise is focused on your individual situation and a great help in the process of transforming your pains and negative sides. It trains you in accepting your talents and developing your higher skills.

Martin lived during the 80’s on and off in NewBold House at Forres, Scotland and gave many sessions to members and visitors of The Findhorn Foundation. There he learned to express himself clearly in both English and German on matters of psyche and soul.

An intensive session takes about two hours and will cost: € 75.-

Interested in taking a session? Make an appointment!

You can contact Martin’s practice by phone 020-682 88 09

Letters and Postcards to: Martin van der Velde,
Frederik Hendrikplantsoen 24 B, 1052 Amsterdam,
The Netherlands

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